Stranger Things 4 - Censored Edition

Instructions on what timestamp for remaining time to pause or close your eyes, and when to skip to or open your eyes again. For small gaps I'll just reference the remaining time, but for larger gaps I'll add the elapsed time because it is easier to find on the scroll bar (eg. 22m05s-E/50m10s-R). The button colours correspond to levels of severity; click below for descriptions. I can't guarantee I haven't missed graphic things but I'll include a link to a form if you want to submit recommendations for further entries.
This is what spoiler text looks like.

Red button
Extremely graphic violence and child death scenes.

Yellow button
Flashbacks or images of death, animal cruelty, adult death scenes.

Blue button
Excessive violence, blood, spiders.

Pause at 1h12m15s, after Dr. Brenner asks 'Can you hear what they're saying'. Skip to 1h09m20s.
Ten says that Six and Dr. Ellis are dead. There is screaming. The door flies in and knocks Dr. Brenner to the ground. Dr. Brenner comes to some unknown amount of time later and he finds that Ten is dead. He finds everyone else dead. He returns to the rainbow room and finds Eleven standing facing the broken mirror. She is covered in blood and has blood from her nose and eyes. She seems angry. He asks accusatorily 'What have you done?'.

Close your eyes at 47m40s. Open them at 47m30s when Max says 'Nope'.
Flashback to Billy being killed by the Mind Flayer in season 3

Pause at 6m45s, after Eddie says 'I don't like this'. Skip to 5m10s, end credits.
The monster pursues Chrissy in a house she can't escape. Chrissy is in a trance and Eddie can't wake her. The monster tells Chrissy her suffering will end. In the real world she is levitated to the ceiling of the trailer and killed while in the air.

Pause at 5m35s, as Eddie yells 'Chrissy!'. Skip to 5m10s, end credits.
Chrissy is killed by the monster.

Pause at 57m15s, as the Russians see Hopper. Skip to 55m30s.
The Russians are interrogating and torturing Hopper for information.

Close your eyes at 47m05s. Open them at 46m25s when Nancy speaks.
The police officers face deforms while Fred has a vision

Close your eyes at 35m00s. Open them at 34m40s when Lucas speaks.
There are cut scenes to a military officer watching Chrissy's body being examined and photographed.

Close your eyes at 24m25s, as it Pans up on Fred's face. Open eyes at 23m43s.
Some zombie-like people are calling Fred a murderer.

Pause at 10m20s, right as it cuts back to Eddie. Skip to 9m40s.
Eddie describes Chrissy’s death and being scared and running away.

Pause at 8m40s, right after Maxine says “there are some things worse than ghosts”. Skip to 6m15s.
Flashback to a vision Fred is having of a car on fire. At some point in his past he caused, or was involved in, a car accident and didn’t tell anyone. He has visions of the monster and the monster taunts him for his guilt and says that he wants Fred to “join him”. Dustin describes to Eddie the upside-down and monsters. They try to find out if Eddie saw any dark particles or evidence of gates to the upside-down. Eddie describes that Chrissy was in a trance before she died. Dustin describes it as “under a spell or curse”. Vecna’s curse.

Pause at 6m30s, as soon as Dustin says 'Vecna's curse'. Skip to 6m15s.
Fred is killed by Vecna.

Close your eyes at 54m45s, until 54m20s when you hear what sounds like bats.
There are graphic flashbacks of Eleven hitting the girl at the roller rink and graphic scenes from the Hawkins lab when Eleven was a kid.

Close your eyes at 50m15s, when the kids look outside at the police/ambulance sirens. Safe to open them at 50m00s when you hear the police chief talking to Nancy.
The police discover Fred's body and cover it with a tarp.

Pause at 17m55s, when Hopper gets back to his cell. Skip to 17m20s.
Hopper is removing his shackle over his broken ankle. It's gnarly looking.

At 8m03s close your eyes until 7m42s when Dr. Owens starts speaking to Eleven.
There is a graphic flashback of Billy being killed by the Mind Flayer.

Close your eyes at 1h16m00s, until 1h15m50s when Robin says 'Vecna's curse'.
Flashback scenes to Chrissy and Fred's deaths.

Pause at 50m05s. Skip to 49m00s.
Hopper and the guard fight. Hopper kills the guard but his gun fires wildly and draws attention. He spots some dynamite before climbing out a hatch in the roof.

At 45m30s close your eyes, as Max hugs her mom. Open eyes at 44m45s, after Max says 'Let go!'
The sky goes dark and Max starts to have a vision. Her mom is replaced by Vecna. Another flashback of Billy dying.

Pause at 38m40s when the agent gets up from his chair. Skip to 37m00s
The agent is shot while answering the door. Many soldiers start shooting at the house. The remaining agent is returning fire and directing the kids to run. The agent is shot in the torso. Argyle arrives to deliver the pizzas. The kids assist the agent into the van and yell at Argyle to drive away as soldiers pursue.

Pause at 26m55s when Victor says 'one month of peace'. Skip to 21m48s
Victor describes his time in his new house. They found dead animals around the yard. His wife and daughter had waking nightmares. Eventually at a dinner his wife was killed in the same manner as Chrissy and Fred. Victor had a waking nightmare of his time in France in the war when he accidentally had a house shelled that had a famiy in it. He heard music and awoke from his waking nightmare to find his wife and daughter were dead, and his son was unconcious. His son was in a coma and died a week later. Victor later cut his own eyes while in the asylum/prison.

Pause at 24m10s when Victor gets up to look at the radio. Skip to 21m48s
His wife is killed in the same manner as Chrissy and Fred. Victor had a waking nightmare of his time in France in the war when he accidentally had a house shelled that had a famiy in it. He heard music and awoke from his waking nightmare to find his wife and daughter were dead, and his son was unconcious. His son was in a coma and died a week later. Victor later cut his own eyes while in the asylum/prison.

At 9m25s close your eyes, as Vecna says 'Max, what are you doing here?'. Open eyes at 8m10s when you hear music.
Max sees the bodies of Chrissy and Fred encased in some sort of vines.

Skip beginning of episode until 1m20s elapsed, 1h14m00s remaining/.
Argyle is driving the van while the rest of the guys are trying to stop the agent from bleeding out. He says not to take him to a hospital and they have to protect the girl. Agent: 'Warn Owens.' Jonathan: 'How do we find Owens?' Agent: 'Nina. Number. and he passes them a pen. Before they can write down a number the agent dies. Scene changes back to the house as the military is tearing the house apart for clues. Sullivan finds the note from Eleven that Mike threw in the garbage. He confronts the agent who was initially shot in the chest and says that if he wants to live he will tell them where she is.

At 49m55s close your eyes, as Argyle speaks. Open eyes at 49m30s, when you hear 'Psst, Hey Ivan, Ivan!'
A guard at the Russian prison is cleaning up a bloody scene in the prison yard.

Pause at 19m10s, when you hear 'waste of time'. Skip to 58m13s-E/18m20s-R
Eleven has flashbacks to the memory of the dead people at Hawkins Lab that we enountered at the start of Chapter One.

Pause at 8m20s, when you hear 'Hey Patrick!'. Skip to 1h09m00s-E/7m30s-R
Patrick is pulled below the water and then shoots up 20 feet in the air. The scene cuts back to the attic with the kids; the flashlights all glow very bright and then the bulbs break. Patrick is killed by Vecna and appears strengthened by it. The scene cuts to Eleven being resucitated after her heart stopped in her latest attempt in the NINA pod.

Close your eyes at 1h14m33s when the Sheriff asks 'Where is he?', until 1h14m15s when the conversation starts back up.
Jason is sitting by the lake and holding Patrick's body.

Pause at 1h11m35s when the opening title shows. Skip to 5m51s-E/1h09m15s-R.
The wounded agent is being tortured and interrogated by the military to get Eleven's location. He posits a theory that Eleven has gone rogue and she is the one killing the teens in Hawkins and that Dr. Brenner may hope to sell her as a weapon to the Soviets.

Close your eyes at 1h07m25s when Eleven says 'Papa'. Open them at 1h07m10s.
Eleven has flashbacks to the memory of the dead people at Hawkins Lab that we enountered at the start of Chapter One.

Pause at 14m10s someone says 'Something must've happened to the power'. Skip to 1h02m45s-E/12m25s-R, but keep your eyes closed for 25 more seconds until the background music stops
The four other kids use their powers to throw Eleven around the room. Oldest one says 'Tell Papa we did this, we will kill you.' Once they leave she has a vision of herself younger in the mirror, covered in blood, and sees the memory of the dead people at Hawkins Lab that we enountered at the start of Chapter One, with Dr. Brenner asking her what she has done. Eleven has visions of the past deaths as she says the she understands now that she killed them.

Pause at 5m40s. Skip to end credits at 1h10m10s-E/4m55s-R
Steve is attacked by flying creatures. One gets it's tail around Steve's neck, choking him and knocking him to the ground. Two others start bighting him as the scene fades out.

Start episode at 1m40-E/1h39m00s-R.
We start at the same scene as the last chapter ended. Steve is being attacked by the creatures. Nancy, Robin, and Eddie arrive and fend off the creatures with oars from the boat and free Steve.

Pause at 1h36m45s when the opening title shows. Skip to 5m20s-E/1h35m20s-R.
The wounded agent is being tortured and interrogated by the military to get Eleven's location. He relents to giving up information about Eleven's location but asks them to promise not to kill her. The scene cuts to Eleven wearing sensors on her head and trying to use her powers to crush a pop can. She has visions of the Hawkins Lab massacre scene.

Close your eyes at 1h31m50s when Dr. Brenner reaches for a VHS tape. Open them at 1h31m00s when the ominous music fades
Flashbacks of the Hawkins Lab massacre.

Pause at 1h15m40s someone says 'If she told you that'. Skip to 25m45s-E/1h15m00s-R.
Dr. Brenner uses a remote to shock Two via the collar. Two claims what happened to Eleven was an accident, Dr. Brenner increases the setting and shocks him again.

Pause at 39m30s when it shoes the open doors. Skip to 1h05m55s-E/34m50s-R
The Demogorgan bounds into the yard and immidiately kills several of the Russion prisoners. Hopper is finally able to light his spear on fire. The final few prisoners are killed as Enzo and Hopper try to open the heavy doors. Murray takes the Warden hostage and brings him to the control room. He says he will shoot the Warden if the officer doesn't open the doors for Enzo and Hopper. The officer refuses so Murray uses his karate to knock out the officer and Warden. Joyce presses all the control buttons to attempt to open the door. She is able to open it and then close it when Enzo and Hopper are safely out of the yard. Hopper throws his spear at the Demogorgons face to knock it away from the door to allow it close shut.

Close your eyes at 25m00s when Max says 'Vecna'. Open them at 23m58s when the ominous music fades
Nancy has visions of the pool where Barb died and sees her body.

Pause at 23m35s when Eleven exits the closet. Skip to 1h20m30s-E/20m15s-R
Eleven leaves the closet that One told her to stay in. She hears screaming on the radio she finds on the dead staff. She ventures further and sees Papa on the ground and more children and staff dead. She makes her way to the rainbow room and finds more of the children dead. One has Two pinned up against the wall with his powers and kills him. He turns to Eleven and says 'I told you to wait' and then forces the doors closed before she can leave. He tries to convince Eleven that he understands her fear and loneliness at being different.

Close your eyes at 18m40s when you hear 'All the teachers...'. Open them at 18m11s after hearing 'different here.'
Scene cuts to the rainbow room where One is talking to Eleven. The room still has the children killed by One.

Spider content: Close your eyes at 17m55s when you hear 'a discovery'. Open them at 17m00s after hearing 'human world'
Henry/One takes the spider and puts it in a jar. He draws pictures of the spiders.

Pause at 15m15s when One says 'but for good'. Skip to 1h26m00s-E/14m45s-R
One describes developing his powers as he started reaching into the minds of animals, and eventually killing them.

Pause at 13m30s when One says 'to break free'. Skip to 1h27m30s-E/13m10s-R
Henry kills his mother and describes how became more powerful as he killed more people but that he was just a child and nearly died from using so much power.

Pause at 10m30s when One says 'join me'. Skip to 1h32m30s-E/8m10s-R. This scene is pretty vital to the story so it might be worth watching if you can tolerate the violence/imagery, maybe just close your eyes as needed. This scene is followed immediately by the next censored section which is the concluding scene. Again, still violent but recommend watching if you can.
Eleven responds 'No' and throws One across the room. One gets up and they briefly appear in a stalemate as they use their powers against each other. Eleven appears to weaken as she slides backward but then gains her footing. She recalls One's earlier advice to use a sad/angry memory to channel her powers. She has flashbacks to being attacked by Two and the other bullies, as well as the scene of the children killed by One. It is not enough and One throws her against the wall and then drags her back and levitates her in the air in front of him. Eleven is in bad shape and looks like she is about to be killed in the same manner as the victims of Vecna. The scene darkens to black

From 8m10s on is the final scene in the episode. This scene is pretty vital to the story so it might be worth watching if you can tolerate the violence/imagery, maybe just close your eyes as needed.
The scene starts glowing red and we hear a baby crying. Eleven is having a memory of just after her birth and her mother calling her Jane and telling her she loves her. We come back to Eleven in the rainbow room gaining strength and throwing One through the mirror and against the wall in the adjoinging room. It cuts to Eleven in the real world in the NINA pod, lights flicker and monitors get erratic. Dr. Brenner says 'It's happening.' Back in the rainbow room Eleven outstretches her arm towards One and screams. He begins to glow and disintegrate into particles and the wall glows red. We see that Eleven has created a gate to the Upside-Down. One falls through clouds and is repeatedly hit by lighting. He is being burned and disfigured. The scene cuts to Vecna and a tentacle moves to reveal the 001 tattoo on his arm. The episode ends.

Close your eyes from the beginning, You can reopen your eyes when you hear 'What are you doing, it's not time for you to leave' Or just skip directly to 2m30s-E and bypass this section.
Flashback to the Rainbow Room after Eleven sent One to the Upside-down. Papa confronts Eleven and asks what she has done. She passes out and falls to the floor. The scene cuts to Papa tattooing 001 onto Henry. But then he looks up and says 'That wasn't so bad. There is nothing to be afraid of. Is there, Nancy?' and it shows that this is a vision Vecna is showing to Nancy. He chases her through the halls of the Hawkins labratory. It appears to be just after the massacre.

Pause at 1h18m30s-R when Hopper opens the door. Skip to 9m30s-E/1h17m40s-R.
The room contains a live demogorgan. It is strapped to a medical table and shows evidence of torture/medical experiments. Hopper shoots it, killing it.

Close your eyes at 1h07m00s-R when you hear 'When I saw the eyes, I knew'. Open them at 1h06m50s after hearing 'My friends'
Eleven is looking at evidence photos of Vecna's murder victims.

Close your eyes at 27m45s-R when you hear 'You have lied.'. Open them at 27m25s-R after hearing 'All because of you.'
Flashback scenes to what Eleven is describing, including death scenes in this season and previous seasons.

Pause at 19m10s-R when the inner door is blown. Skip to 1h08m45s-E/18m30s-R.
There is a shootout as Sullivan's forces breach the bunker. They kill and overtake the forces defending inside.

Pause at 1h09m45s when you see daylight. Skip to 1h10m40s-E/16m35s-R.
Papa carries Eleven as they try to leave the bunker. They see the other scientists have been killed as they fled, by a sniper on a helicopter. Papa takes a number of grazing shots until finally he takes a shot to the chest and falls to the ground, dropping Eleven.

Close your eyes at 1h29m30s-R when Hopper starts walking downstairs. Open them at 1h27m55s-R after hearing 'I think this answers your question, Jim'
Several dead Russian soldiers are in the room. The head Russian soldier has been slashed by a demogorgan and badly injured, but is conscious enough to talk to them until he finally dies.

Close your eyes at 1h20m35s-R when Hopper says 'He's our target'. Open them at 1h20m25s-R when Hopper says 'Hey'
Joyce has a memory of when Bob died after being attacked by a demogorgan.

Close your eyes briefly at 1h00m30s-R when Eleven opens her eyes. Open them at 1h00m15s-R after hearing the creepy clock chime.
It shows Chrissy's body in the vines.

Pause at 48m25s-R when Lucas throws a punch. Skip to 1h34m22s-E/47m50s-R.
Vecna puts his hand on Max's face. Lucas looks up at Max floating. Vecna starts to attack and Max's bones start to break and her eyes turn white. It flashes to Eddie being attacked by the flying creatures and also to Hopper with a demogorgan almost at his face. We hear Mike yell 'FIGHT!' to Eleven.

Pause at 43m00s-R when Steve throws a bottle. Skip to 1h41m40s-E/40m30s-R.
These scenes are bloody/gory, but mostly monster-related gore, so you might be fine to just watch. - A driving, synth-heavy version of Running Up That Hill plays for this scene. Hopper cuts off the arm of the remaining demogorgan with a sword. Steve hits Vecna with a molotov cocktail and he bursts into flames. The version of Vecna with Eleven disintegrates. Max falls to the ground, in Lucas' arms. Robin hits Vecna with another molotov cocktail. Nancy fires repeated shotgun blasts, driving Vecna out a window to the ground below. Hopper cuts the head off the demogorgan.

These are hard scenes but pretty vital to the story. Closing your eyes may be enough but I'll add descriptions in case you want to skip. Close your eyes at 39m55s-R when it cuts to Dustin. Open them at 1h46m40s-E/35m30s-R after the clock chimes are at a near constant pace
Eyes closed notes: Eddie is pretty beat up and bloody. Eleven is watching Lucas and Max as she projects. Skip notes: Dustin finds Eddie near-death. Eddie says 'I didn't run away this time, right?' and tells Dustin that he is finally going to graduate this year and that Dustin will have to take care of the others now. He tells Dustin that he loves him and Dustin responds in that he loves him too, as Eddie dies. Cuts to attic. Lucas yells at Erica to call and ambulance. Max tells Lucas that she can't feel or see anything and that she is scared and doesn't want to die. Max dies in Lucas' arms. Eleven can see this all as she projects. Four chimes start and Nancy, Steve, and Robin re-enter the house and realize that Max has died. A gate starts to open in the real-world attic. Lucas drags Max's body away from the growing crack. It consumes Jason and splits the house. A crack also starts growing at the gate in Eddie's trailer where Chrissy died